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Quality business portraits are a must in many industries, such as the real estate business, for instance. Unfortunately, taking the time to go to a portrait studio, and paying quality portrait studio prices, are very often a hassle and a pain in the wallet. There are discount portrait studios to be found in Wal-Marts and such, but the picture they take is pretty much the picture you get, and the quality is hit or miss.

D. Roberts Photography takes a completely different approach to shooting and finishing professional business portraits. First of all, we come to you – to your location – whether it's your place of business or home; the choice is yours. Second, we work to accommodate your busy schedule. A date and time is determined with your convenience in mind. And third, the same high level of post production skill that is applied to creating stunning HDRI home and property images is applied to portraits. It is obviously a very different style of Photoshop retouching work than is done for homes, but the results can be as equally as stunning.

A still image captures an instant in time. It gives the viewer an opportunity to scrutinize the contents of the frame from that instant. If that content happens to be a human face, then all of the little (and not so little) flaws stand out starkly. Therein lies the problem – that frozen bit of time. When we're relating to a person face to face "in real life," and they are animated and talking and looking at us and us at them,  we tend  to miss those flaws

that stand out in a still image. Knowing how this mechanism works is what guides our approach to post production retouching. The goal is to present a genuine likeness of the person, but we diminish or even remove those flaws. Wrinkles and bags are lightened, blemishes removed, shinny spots dimmed, teeth whitened (sometimes straightened), sags lifted, and so on. The end result is a very natural, very pleasing portrait.

Portraits can be shot in front of a neutral backdrop or in a "real life" setting, i.e. office, conference room, etc. The choice is yours. When shot against a neutral backdrop, the subject is extracted from the background. This provides a version of the image that is saved as either a high resolution .TIF file, or as a high resolution Photoshop .PSD file, that has a transparent background. This is a very useful image file, because it allows the subject to be placed against a variety of different digital backgrounds as needed, i.e. for ad work, with others in a group, against seasonal backgrounds, etc.

The fee schedule for portraits is very simple – a flat rate of $100 per single person in a single sitting. See the Pricing page for our policy on single-person/multiple-wardrobe shoots, as well as multiple-person sittings at one location and time. All necessary retouching Photoshop post work is included in the price, as well as the added service of extracting the subject from the background as described above – all at no additional
cost. In fact, the images can be provided in just about any requested digital size and format that you may need for your specific application. Additionally, high-quality prints are also available, and are priced based upon the print sizes and quantities at the going market rate.

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