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Most all real estate agents will advise sellers on how to improve the look of their home in preparation for listing it. Some agents use home stagers, either in-house or contracted professionals, to go one step further in that preparation. Whatever the agents and stagers advise will only help increase the appeal of the home to potential buyers. Beyond those suggestions made by agents and stagers, there are actions that need to be taken in the home before photography can be accomplished.

To maximize efficiency and minimize time in the home for photography, please have the home prepped by having the items on the list below completed before arrival.  A general rule for all homes is that they should be cleaned, dusted, and decluttered as best as possible beforehand. Some items will not apply to all homes.

Thanks for your time and cooperation!

  1. All lights on – ceiling, fan lights, table, desk, floor, torchiere, reading, accent, etc.
  2. Make sure all those lights have working light bulbs and that the fixtures are plugged in and working. There should be no light fixtures visible that are not on.
  3. All fans off – timed exposures are used, so they would be a blur if left running.
  4. For windows facing exterior views such as lakes, mountains, and golf courses, please open and raise (or slide to the side) all blinds.
  5. For all other windows with blinds, they can be left down, but they should all be set to the same lowest height, and all open and leveled.
  6. Remove all magnets, stickers, and artwork from refrigerator front and sides.
  7. Hide all kitchen, bath, office, and bedroom waste cans.
  8. No dishes in the sinks or on drying racks.  Drying racks should be hidden.
  9. Kitchen counters should be decluttered and have a minimum amount of counter-top appliances, and no personal papers or mail.
  10. Kitchen and home office desks should be neat, decluttered, and organized.
  11. In general, home offices, children’s bedrooms, and playrooms should also be neat, decluttered, and organized as best as possible; if to be shot, master closets and laundries, as well.
  12. Except for hand soaps – bar or bottle – all bathroom toiletries should be removed and hidden from view.  This includes shaving, dental hygiene products, and makeup from counter tops, and everything from showers – bottles, brushes, sponges, rags, etc.
  13. Put out the best towels, neatly folded or hanging.
  14. Bathroom mirrors clean, streak-free, with no toothpaste spatters.
  15. Remove and hide all medicines, prescription or otherwise.
  16. Hide all bathroom cleaning brushes and plungers.
  17. All toilet lids down.
  18. Remove all signs of pet food and water bowls, bedding, toys, etc.
  19. Hide cat litterbox as best as possible.
  20. In rec rooms, please uncover billiards and gaming tables.  If possible, display the balls and cue sticks, and whatever else may go with the gaming tables present.
  21. For the exteriors, remove waste cans, gardening tools, etc. to the garage.
  22. Store children's and pets’ yard toys out of sight, as well.
  23. Neatly coil water hoses and remove portable sprinklers.
  24. Remove and hide any off-season patio furniture covers.  Open patio umbrellas and set out cushions (please ensure they are clean). 
  25. If in season, uncover grills, pools, spas, and hot tubs (please ensure they are clean).
  26. Based on the season – grass cut, edging done, leaves removed, and in general neat landscaping front, back, and sides.
  27. Clear sidewalks, driveways, decks, and patios, etc., of plant debris and leaves.
  28. Garage doors down and no vehicles in the driveway, in front of the home, or anywhere close to the home, please..

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Home Prep
Home Prep

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