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D. Roberts Photography is proud to announce the introduction a new service – Low-Altitude Aerial Imaging. Using a 60’ telescoping camera mast and remote camera control system, amazing results can be achieved by showing a property like it’s never been seen before. This is an ideal tool for homes that ground-level shots just cannot do justice to, i.e. waterfront homes with the lake hidden down a steeply sloped backyard, homes set on steep upsloping lots, homes set on large tracts of land that need a sweeping panoramic view from on-high in order to really appreciate the scope of the property, and the list goes on...Developers and builders will also find this form of photography to be very useful in selling the idea of any development’s or property’s “master plan.”Architects, marketing firms, construction companies, in addition to realtors and high-end landscapers, plus many more, will all find that having these readily-available, high-angle perspective photographs to be invaluable to their businesses.

Pricing for this service is very reasonable. See our Pricing page to learn more about single-subject shoots, as well as discount pricing when the mast shot is included in a whole-home photo package – Semi-HDRI or Full HDRI

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